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Hanover School Bus Drivers 
file federal class action suit
 to obtain wages for "off the clock" work


School Bus Drivers in Hanover County
determined to drive home their point
the law requires that they be paid for all their work

         The law is clear - under the Fair Labor Standards Act, ("FLSA") non-exempt employees, like school bus drivers, must be paid for all the time they spend working.  The employer cannot require employees to work "off the clock." The employer is responsible to maintain records.  The employer may simply pay an arbitrary wage to the non-exempt employees.

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           To receive the benefit of the suit, you must opt in by completing the appropriate form and forwarding to this law firm ASAP!  The statute of limitations does not stop running until the opt-in form is filed with the court by the law firm.

Opt-In Form 
(Word Document)

opt-in form on the web

After Opt-In Form - Complete and Forward The
 Preliminary Damage Calculation Form

To Get A Copy of Your Personnel File - FOIA Request Form

Caution - Activity Related to FLSA Suit Is Protected Against Retaliation - Internal Complaints Are Not Protected 

Directions for Completing Time Sheets


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