A summary of the law related to Searching Minors

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En Español Searches of Minors Summary: Minors are protected by the Fourth Amendment, but have fewer rights (less expectation of privacy) while at school. By Law Enforcement Officers –Standard of Probable Cause The Fourth Amendment “right of the people to be secure in their persons . . . against unreasonable searches and seizures” generally requires […]

Can I keep my handgun or firearm in the secured but unlocked glove box or console of my car in Virginia?

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Q. Is it legal to have a handgun or other firearm in the unlocked but secured glove box or console of my car in Virginia without a concealed weapons permit? A. YES. The Virginia Court of Appeals addressed this issue in 2013.  They answered that it was not illegal.   The Virginia Attorney General also […]

Unreasonable Force in “Terry Stop” Gives Rise to Officer Liability

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En Español Quarter Million Dollar Verdict to Richmond Police Officer Wesley Moore, represented by Civil Rights Attorneys Tom Roberts and Andrew Bodoh. On January 30, 2013, a Richmond jury awarded a $250,000 to Richmond police officer Wesley Moore against a junior patrol officer for battery arising from a August 10, 2010 stop in South Richmond. […]