Summary of defamation, slander & libel in Virginia

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Summary of defamation, slander & libel in Virginia.   Overview:  Slander, defamation and libel are all treated the same in Virginia. Defamation is a false statement of fact published or communicated to another person that causes injury to the reputation of the subject of the statement. The false statement must be a false statement of […]

La Muerte Injusta – Un resumen de la ley en Virginia

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In English – Wrongful Death in Virginia La Muerte Injusta – Un resumen de la ley en Virginia Cuando un miembro de su familia se muere por causa del un hecho negligente o injusto el representativo personal del fallecido se puede hacer una demanda para daños y perjuicios dentro de los dos años del fallecimiento […]

Can an employer be held liable for negligent training in Virginia?

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Q.        Can an employer be held liable to a third person for negligent training of its employee in Virginia?  A.        Yes. While many would answer that question in the negative, those individuals would be grossly overgeneralizing the language used by the Virginia Supreme Court in Chesapeake & Potomac Tel. Co. v. Dowdy, 235 Va. 55, […]

Unreasonable Force in “Terry Stop” Gives Rise to Officer Liability

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En Español Quarter Million Dollar Verdict to Richmond Police Officer Wesley Moore, represented by Civil Rights Attorneys Tom Roberts and Andrew Bodoh. On January 30, 2013, a Richmond jury awarded a $250,000 to Richmond police officer Wesley Moore against a junior patrol officer for battery arising from a August 10, 2010 stop in South Richmond. […]

In Virginia, if an officer arrested me outside his jurisdiction, can I file suit against the officer?

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In Jordan v. Shands, 255 Va. 492, 497 (Va. 1998), the court stated “We have defined false imprisonment as “the direct restraint by one person of the physical liberty of another without adequate legal justification.” W.T. Grant Co. v. Owens, 149 Va. 906, 921, 141 S.E. 860, 865 (1928). We have also observed that “false […]