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News - Personal Injury Verdict in Excess of $1 Million


July 19, 2002 -- Virginia civil rights attorney, Thomas H. Roberts left the court house on Thursday, July 19, 2002 gratified that justice had been carried out.  In response to the press, Roberts stated "I think justice has been done, my client is vindicated.  I hope that Joe Morrissey learns a lesson from this and I wish him the best in the future."

Roberts stated that he had repeatedly sought to reconcile the parties, yet he had been unsuccessful.  Although Roberts asked Morrissey to apologize and to accept responsibility for his actions against Garien Wycoff and make restitution, Morrissey remained convinced that he could beat the case against him in a court room.  Morrissey proved to be wrong--the jury awarded $1.04 Million against him after several days of trial.

Roberts concluded "Nobody is above the law."

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The facts and circumstances of each case are unique and therefore the fact that a law firm has obtained significant verdicts and results in other cases in no way guarantees that other cases will have similar results.