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News - Jury Invalidates Will In Contest Against Judge Willard Douglas, Jr.

Richmond Jury Throws Out
What Former Judge Willard Douglas, Jr.
Claimed was the Last Will And Testament
of Neverett A. Eggleston, Sr.
Former FBI Special Agent Testifies
That The Purported Last Will and Testament
of Neverett A. Eggleston, Sr.
Was a Forgery

August 20, 1999 -- Dr. Aurelia Eggleston Ford, a prominent Richmond Psychologist and business woman in Jackson Ward, challenged her brother-in-law, former Judge Willard Henry Douglas, Jr., his wife Jane Eggleston Douglas and her brother Neverett A. Eggleston, Jr., among others who were claiming to have been the beneficiaries to the exclusion of Dr. Ford of the Last Will and Testament of her father, Neverett A. Eggleston, Sr. Dr. Ford claimed that the purported Will, which Douglas claimed Eggleston executed in his presence at the age of 101, was a forgery. To back up her claim, she requested a Former FBI Agent and member of the American Board of Forensic Document Examiners to examine the document. He concluded that the signatures were forged.

After a two day trial, a Richmond Jury concluded that the document offered by Douglas and the other beneficiaries was not the Will of Neverett A. Eggleston, Sr.

Dr. Ford's attorney, Richmond civil rights attorney Thomas H. Roberts stated "The jury reached the appropriate conclusion after listening to the witnesses. The signature on the document offered as the Will did not bear any characteristics similarities to the signatures of Mr. Eggleston, Sr. over the many years he banked at Consolidated Bank & Trust Co. I have no doubt that Mr. Eggleston would be rolling over in his grave if he knew that an attempt was made to disinherit his firstborn, Dr. Aurelia Eggleston Ford."

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