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Why I would NOT buy AARP/Hartford Insurance


May 16, 2023 by Tom Roberts, Esq.

Refusal to Renew policy for estate

Review AARP/Hartford Homeowner's Insurance


Review - Avoid AARP/Hartford Insurance

You would think that an insurance company targeting older people would be more helpful — Don’t count on AARP/Hartford Insurance.  After the policy holder died, I received notice that AARP/Hartford Insurance would not renew the homeowner’s insurance on a residence before the executor could be appointed or the estate probated.  When I called, they offered no solution and confirmed that the policy would not be renewed or extended.  A quick call to State Farm and a new policy was in place to pickup where AARP/Hartford dropped the ball.   Avoid the headache by avoiding AARP/Hartford Insurance!

Thank you – Drew Schatzman, Realtor, Henderson NV 702-219-8515

Thank you – William Devine, Esq., Henderson NV 702-515-1500

Thank you – State Farm Agent Nick Sage and Staff in Henderson, NV at (702) 737-7150

Thank you – State Farm Agent Aimee Malloy and staff in Richmond, Virginia – 804-320-3063 – “We will not cancel a policy if it goes into an estate status.”


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