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The law firm of Thomas H. Roberts & Associates, PC has been a leader in civil rights in Virginia since 1986.  Some of the notable court cases include the following:

In 2021 – the firm filed suit against two Windsor police officers for 4th Amendment violations against Lt. Nazario with the United States Army arising from a simple but unlawful traffic stop.  “What’s going on- you are fix’n to ride the lightning son!”

In 2022 – the firm settled civil rights cases against RPD for unlawful infringement of constitutional liberties of peaceful protesters when without provocation citizens were attacked with gas and force on June 1, 2020 at Lee Circle.  Claims under the 1st and 4th Amendments to the United States Constitution.   READ THE TERMS RELEASED!

In 2015, the firm obtained a jury verdict against a Pamunkey Regional Corrections officer for excessive use of force against an old combat veteran, decorated with 4 bronze stars for valor in combat, who grabbed a towel to warm himself. 

In 2016, involving Facebook posts, the law firm secured a 4th Circuit opinion declaring the Petersburg Police Social Media Policy unconstitutional, which intended to silence criticism of police departments.

In 2001, the law firm obtained a public apology by the Town of Front Royal for discrimination against its two black employees, together with compensatory damages.

In 2020, the law firm obtained from the Virginia Supreme Court the reversal of civil rights claims against a Petersburg officer who used excessive force against a small black woman in a traffic stop.

In 2020, the law firm filed a federal law suit against Richmond Police Officers for violating the 1st and 4th Amendment rights of protestors against the unprovoked attack upon them as they peacefully protested at the Robert E Lee memorial.

The law firm represented two deputies with the Fairfax County Sheriff’s office who experienced systemic racism and discrimination within the department.

In 2013 – Civil rights attorneys Thomas H. Roberts and Andrew T. Bodoh successfully represented 20 year veteran Richmond Police Officer Wesley Moore in his suit against a junior patrol officer arising from events following a traffic stop.  While the plaintiff disputed the basis for the traffic stop, the court determined the stop was legitimate – the case was submitted to the jury on the claim of battery.  The jury awarded $250,000

Reversal of a conviction by an individual protesting the police in Petersburg.

2007 – Federal Suit for violations of Title VII and 1st Amendment to the United States Constitution, against Sheriff of Chesapeake, Virginia

2001 – The law firm successfully defended felony criminal charges against a Lynchburg Virginia man charged with assaulting two police officers. Roberts argued that Morris had a right to express his commentary on police conduct and argued that the arrest was unlawful and therefore under common law long recognized by the Supreme Court of Virginia, Morris had every right to use reasonable force to repel the unlawful arrest. The law firm represented him in civil claims.



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