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Civil Suit for Damages from Sexual Molestation and Abuse in Virginia

Victims of sexual abuse are among the most vulnerable.  They need aggressive counsel who will fight for them.  Thomas H. Roberts & Associates, P.C. has been fighting for victims for over 30 years.  Virginia recognizes how particularly difficult it is for victims of sexual abuse to muster the strength to begin to right this wrong.   The statute of limitations in Virginia for sexual abuse occurring during the infancy or incapacity of a person is 20 years.

Virginia law, § 8.01-243, in pertinent part states:

Every action for injury to the person, whatever the theory of recovery, resulting from sexual abuse occurring during the infancy or incapacity of the person as set forth in subdivision 6 of § 8.01-249 shall be brought within 20 years after the cause of action accrues.

Additionally, Virginia law, § 8.01-249, states in pertinent part as follows:

The cause of action in the actions herein listed shall be deemed to accrue as follows:

In actions for injury to the person, whatever the theory of recovery, resulting from sexual abuse occurring during the infancy or incapacity of the person, upon the later of the removal of the disability of infancy or incapacity as provided in §8.01-229 or when the fact of the injury and its causal connection to the sexual abuse is first communicated to the person by a licensed physician, psychologist, or clinical psychologist. As used in this subdivision, “sexual abuse” means sexual abuse as defined in subdivision 6 of § 18.2-67.10 and acts constituting rape, sodomy, object sexual penetration or sexual battery as defined in Article 7 (§ 18.2-61 et seq.) of Chapter 4 of Title 18.2.

We understand that no amount of money will erase the horrible violation, but this law firm empowers and gives a voice to sexual assault victims.

Sexual assault is a pervasive and often silent problem most often directed at children and women.  National surveys of adults suggest that almost 1/3 of women and 1/10 men were sexually abused or assaulted during their childhood.  The victims of the assaults often feel degraded, shamed and even embarrassed, unable to muster the emotional strength and courage to report the incident let alone to take charge and seek justice.  Especially for children the impact can shake the core of their being when violated by somebody that was supposed to protect them.  Attorney Tom Roberts stated “This is where this law firm comes in, if a sexual assault victim will contact us, we will stand with our client, give them a voice and empowerment to bring the perpetrator to justice.”

For assistance in righting the wrong of sexual abuse, contact the firm immediately!

$25.35 Million Judgment – October 6, 2017


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