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Co-Counsel or Expert Witness

in Virginia FOIA Cases!

Co-Counsel Services:  Contact Thomas H. Roberts & Associates, PC if you need co-counsel with experience in handling Virginia Freedom of Information (VAFOIA) cases.

Expert Witness Services: Contact Andrew T. Bodoh, Esq. if you need the expert in Virginia FOIA cases.  He has written the book on Virginia FOIA and is a recognized expert in the field.

A client thinks their Virginia FOIA rights have been violated. What can you do about it?

On the face of it, Virginia FOIA is fairly simple. Public records and public meetings are open to the public unless an exemption applies. The law tells public bodies how to apply FOIA, and citizens can apply for an injunction or a writ of mandamus to enforce their Virginia FOIA rights. In practice, though, things are a little more complicated.

If your client has a Virginia FOIA case, turn to attorneys who can help. We can help you avoid the pitfalls of Virginia FOIA litigation and gain an edge in the courtroom. Do you need an expert witness on issues of your reasonable attorney fees, or on the public body’s calculation of costs? We can be that witness. Do you need a third-party investigator, someone to help you collect information for you client? We can help. If the case is over and you are considering or facing an appeal, our Virginia FOIA attorneys have experience to assist you.

Read the Court decisions in some of our recent cases:

Harmon v. Ewing, 285 Va. 335, 745 S.E.2d 415 (2013) 

Denton v. City of Hopewell, 2015 Va. Cir. LEXIS 191 (Hopewell Circuit Court, 2015)


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