A Virginia FOIA Litigator and Compliance Consultant

Our system of government protects liberty through accountability and citizen participation.


Government transparency laws are a critical part of that. The Virginia Freedom of Information Act (Virginia FOIA) ensures citizens of Virginia the opportunity to witness local, regional, and state governments in action through access to public meetings and access to public records. It requires public bodies to make many of their records available for copying and inspection within a week of a request for the records, and it requires boards and councils to hold most of their deliberations and all of their final votes at public meetings.


Virginia citizens have rights under the Virginia FOIA. You have the right to attend and record meetings of deliberative public bodies, and to know why the public body is going into a closed session. You have the right to a prompt written response to any request for public records. If the public body withhold the records under the law, you have a right to know what law they are relying on. If a public body denies you your rights under the Virginia FOIA, you can enforce your rights in the courts. But before you do this, though, talk to our experienced and creative Virginia FOIA attorneys.


Don’t fight the public bodies alone. Call us now for a 10 minute telephone consultation. We can tell you if the public body is complying with the law. We can explain the many options available to you if they are not. Best of all, you sue the public body and win your case, the public body may be required to repay to you all your attorney fees and costs. Call us now.


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