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Keeping the Light Shining on Virginia Government – Law Firm’s Victory Providing Citizen’s Access to Information Under the Freedom Of Information Act in James City County

 February 7, 2012 – Civil Rights Attorney Andrew T. Bodoh, with the Virginia law firm of Thomas H. Roberts & Associates, Virginia successfully enforced Virginia’s Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) in the Circuit Court for James City County.

A resident of Toano, Virginia alleged that he had been improperly detained and sought extensive information related to his arrest and the past conduct of the arresting officer, including the officer’s personnel file.   The law firm filed suit with the Circuit Court after counsel for the police department denied many of the requests.  In less than 30 days from the filing, Judge Robert Curran ruled in favor of disclosure and ordered James City County turn the documents over to Andrew T. Bodoh, Esq.

Additionally, the Court ordered that James City County should pay attorney’s fees for the improper denial of those documents.

Click Here For A Summary of Virginia FOIA

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