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Richmond Civil Rights Attorneys

The United States Constitution guarantees individual liberties and protections against tyranny and government infringements of those rights.  These basic freedoms and rights have created an amazing country – but that liberty is under continual attack from forces both domestic and foreign. The Richmond Civil Rights Attorneys with Thomas H. Roberts & Associates, PC are passionate about justice, holding people accountable for violating civil liberties, representing ordinary people whose civil rights have been violated.    

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Virginia Civil Rights Law Firm

The law firm of Thomas H. Roberts has been representing clients injured by others, holding police officers and other government officials accountable to the law.

Richmond Personal Injury Attorneys

When you have suffered personal injuries, as the result of the negligence or wrongful conduct of another, you need the Richmond Personal Injury Attorneys of Thomas H. Roberts & Associates, PC to bring their experience, skill and passion to your case.

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What Should You Do If You Are Injured As The Result of A Civil Rights Violation?

First – Seek immediate medical attention for your physical and mental injuries.

Second – Get legal help from Richmond Personal Injury & Civil Rights Law Firm.  Do not delay.

Third – Preserve Evidence! It is vital that the events and consequences are well documented, with photographs, videos, copies of radio calls, telephone calls, identities of witnesses, etc.  Having Virginia civil rights attorneys from Thomas H. Roberts & Associates, PC to help lock down that evidence before it is destroyed is vital.

Experienced Virginia Civil Rights Lawyers!

Richmond Civil Rights Law Firm of Thomas H. Roberts & Associates, PC has been representing Virginia civil rights and personal injury  clients since 1986.  They have over 60 years of combined experience with civil rights and personal injury in Virginia.

Federal and State Constitutional Claims in Virginia

Excessive Force Claims

Police may only use reasonable force under the circumstances. You want a law firm that knows both federal and state law. 4th Amendment, Assault, Battery, False Imprisonment

Free Speech Claims

Government officials may not violate your 1st Amendment Right to free speech without recourse! You want a law firm that is serious about free speech with experience protecting it!

Religious Liberty Claims

Government officials may not violate your 1st Amendment Right to religious freedom without recourse! You want a law firm that is serious about religious freedom with experience protecting it!

Illegal Search Claims

Police and government officials must have a warrant to search you and your house or vehicle, with limited exceptions. You want a law firm that knows both federal and state law. 4th Amendment, State Protections.

Other Civil Rights Claims in Virginia

Sexual Harassment Claims

You should be able to live and work without harassment based upon sex.  You want a law firm experienced and ready to protect your right.

Wrongful Termination Claim

There are federal and state laws protecting your right not to be terminated against the public policy of either Virginia or the Nation.  You want a law firm that recognizes the difference between termination based upon employment “at-will” and wrongful terminations.

Some Notable Cases of Virginia Civil Rights and Personal Injury handled by Thomas H Roberts & Associates, PC

Personal Injury Claim resulting in the 1st jury verdict in Henrico’s history in excess of $1 Million.

1st to file suit in Richmond Circuit Court and later in Federal Court Case 3:20-cv-00401, for violations of 1st and 4th Amendment rights of peaceful protestors who were wrongfully gassed by Richmond Police Officers. Read More

$300,000 compensatory and punitive damages awarded by Petersburg jury for excessive use of force and illegal search. Read more.

Richmond civil rights law firm obtained a jury verdict against a Pamunkey Regional Corrections officer for excessive use of force against an old combat veteran, decorated with 4 bronze stars for valor in combat, who grabbed a towel to warm himself. John Marshall was a pre-trial detainee (problems with self-medicating) who was manhandled by a young unappreciative jail official.

Police department ban on all social media posts was declared unconstitutional.  Read more.

The law firm obtained both an apology as well as compensation to the town’s two African-American employees who were mistreated based upon their race.  Read More.

The law firm represented Lt. Nazario for claims of excessive use of force and an illegal search in a federal jury trial – the case is continuing.  Read More.

Civil rights attorneys Thomas H. Roberts and Andrew T. Bodoh successfully represented The law firm represented 20 year veteran Richmond Police Officer Wesley Moore in his suit against a junior patrol officers arising from events following a traffic stop.  While the plaintiff disputed the basis for the traffic stop, the court determined the stop was legitimate – the case was submitted to the jury on the claim of battery.  The jury awarded $250,000

Law firm has represented numerous clients in cases involving racial discrimination in the work place.

The law firm has represented many clients in cases involving sexual harassment in the work place, for disparate treatment, unequal pay, unwanted sexual advances and harassment.

The law firm has represented numerous individuals for claims of false arrest and false imprisonment.

The law firm of Thomas H. Roberts & Associates, PC has handled many personal injury claims in Richmond and Virginia, including automobile accidents, truck accidents, train accidents, airplane accidents, motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents, dog bites, malicious prosecution, defamation, contaminated and adulterated food, sexual assault, battery, tortious interference, conspiracy to injure a person in their trade or business, etc.

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