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Rights mean nothing unless those we do not like are afforded those rights.


January 29, 2016 by Tom Roberts, Esq.

Thomas H. Roberts & Associates, PC represents people that many in society don’t like and would prefer had no rights.  This is an excerpt of a response to an attorney who expressed “horror” that we considered whether or not excessive force was used in the shooting death of a fringe gun-tooting activist.

I am reminded of the symbol many are familiar with – lady liberty with blind-folds on. This law firm has spent 30 years taking on the causes of citizens deprived of their Constitutional rights by government officials and those who have been mistreated. Many of these were not popular in society nor were some persons with whose ideologies or lifestyles we approved. We happen to believe that protecting the rights of those on the margins of society protects the rest of society. It disappoints us when society want rights and Freedom of Speech for all except those with whom they disagree.  Here’s but a few of those cases, ….

• 1991 – McCormick v. AT&T Technologies, gay man mistreated at work
• 1992 – Corker v. Jones – 4th Amendment claims for mentally challenged cross-dressing drag queen
• 1999 – Taylor v. Virginia Union Univ – black female officer claims for hostile environment based upon sex
• 1995 -Fleming v. Workers’ Compensation Comm’n, due process claims
• 1999 – Brown v. ABF Freight Sys. – ADA claims
• 2000 – Loney v. Miles – 4th Amendment case involving black unarmed man, a passenger who left a car with guns and contraband, shot by RPD
• 2000 – Thompson v. Town of Front Royal – Town mistreated black employee
• 2000 – Blackman v. Town of Front Royal – Title VII claim for black islander enduring hostile environment based upon race.
• 2001 – Cutts v. Peed – black deputies against Republican Sheriff for race claims
• 2004 – Durney v. Doss – 1st and 4th Amendment case involving woman against officers
• 2010 – Trull v. Smolka – 4th Amendment case involving a disabled man
• 2012 – Smith v. Commonwealth – due process rights of sex offender
• 2013 – Richmond v Wing Nuts, et al – defending non-conformists based on 1st Amendment
• 2016 – Liverman v. City of Petersburg – 1st Amendment rights of police officers

I truly am sorry and disappointed that a discussion on important issues of the restraints imposed by the 4th Amendment’s protections “horrifies” you. This is precisely a time when people need to be reminded of those restraints and liberties –it is easy to expect that those with whom we identify should be accorded Constitutional rights, it is however necessary that we insure that those rights are accorded to the people with whom you and I do not agree for those rights to have real meaning. I do not concur with the actions of this misguided fringe group, but this law firm remains resolute that they are entitled to rights under the Constitution.

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