Civil Rights In Virginia – Upheld by Virginia’s Highest Court – 2020

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Virginia’s Highest Court Confirm’s That It Will Not Tolerate Virginia Law Enforcement Violations Of  The 4th Amendment To The U.S. Constitution Or Virginia Statutes Protecting Its Citizens from Unlawful Arrests, Unlawful Searches and Excessive Force.   On January 16, 2020, the Virginia Supreme Court issued an opinion reversing the Circuit Court for the City of Petersburg which […]

Police pointed weapon at me – is that excessive?

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Question:  Is it a violation of the Fourth Amendment for an officer to aim his loaded weapon at a person where the alleged crime at issue is minor and nonviolent, the suspect does not pose an immediate threat to the safety of the officers or others, and he is not actively resisting arrest or attempting to […]

Rights mean nothing unless those we do not like are afforded those rights.

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Thomas H. Roberts & Associates, PC represents people that many in society don’t like and would prefer had no rights.  This is an excerpt of a response to an attorney who expressed “horror” that we considered whether or not excessive force was used in the shooting death of a fringe gun-tooting activist. I am reminded […]