5-5-2000 – Religious Liberty Restored

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News – Religious Freedom and Equal Access Restored   Powhatan Student and Fellowship of Christian Athletes Settle Suit in Federal Court–School will not Censor Religious Speech Faculty Will Receive First Amendment Training   Freedom Works Foundation, a nonprofit foundation, announced today (May 5, 2000) that it has successfully obtained a commitment to the First Amendment […]

Rights mean nothing unless those we do not like are afforded those rights.

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Thomas H. Roberts & Associates, PC represents people that many in society don’t like and would prefer had no rights. ┬áThis is an excerpt of a response to an attorney who expressed “horror” that we considered whether or not excessive force was used in the shooting death of a fringe gun-tooting activist. I am reminded […]


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THE GROWING POLICE STATE – FREEDOM FADING Editorial Opinion – Freedom Works Foundation 1-27-2013 Chris Hawkins is one of a number of protesters who charged with trespass on the Virginia capitol grounds in violation of 18.2-119 and unlawful assembly in violation of 18.2-406 on March 3, 2012 while protesting legislation. ┬áHis story did not end […]

Prior Restraint of Speech – First Amendment Violations

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RIGHT TO BE FREE FROM PRIOR RESTRAINT AND CENSORSHIP IN VIRGINIA You Can Help Defray the Legal Fees of Cox and Karn – To Help In This Battle The law firm of Thomas H. Roberts & Associates, P.C., an affiliate law firm of Freedom Works Foundation, is proud to stand against prior restraints and censorship […]