What are the elements of a “bad faith” claim against an insurance company?

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If an insurance company intentionally disregards the financial interests of their insured and fails to settle a claim within the policy limits resulting in a judgment exceeding those policy limits then it may be liable for the excess judgment under Virginia law.   Given the risks, complexities and costs of litigation, it may be appropriate […]

Defamation Republication on the Internet

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Q: When is a statement “republished” on the internet or in social media, so as to constitute a new cause of action for defamation restarting the statute of limitations? A:  Republication occurs when (1) the original publication was modified; or (2) the republication was directed to a new, different audience not merely through a link […]

January 23, 2018 – Another Free Speech Victory

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“…I shall obey the laws of the United States of America and of the Commonwealth of Virginia, and shall support and defend their constitutions against all enemies whomsoever, foreign and domestic….” – Virginia State Police Trooper’s Pledge. Nathan Cox’s nightmare is finally over. The Virginia Supreme Court rejected the appeal petition of Trooper Melanie H. […]

Liability of websites for defamation

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QUESTION: Can you obtain a judgment or an injunction against an interactive computer service obtaining damages or enjoining it to remove defamatory statements from its website?   SHORT ANSWER: NO not if the website is merely an interactive computer service providing a platform for third parties to post information and statements.   Analysis:   Congress […]

Summary of defamation, slander & libel in Virginia

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Overview: Slander, defamation and libel are all treated the same in Virginia. Defamation is a false statement of fact published or communicated to another person that causes injury to the reputation of the subject of the statement. The false statement must be a false statement of fact, and not mere opinions. Truth is an absolute […]